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Brief explanation on CNN

The following brief article is part of a lecture on CNNs at Stanford University. A very good explanation of the technique.   Advertisements

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The Dark Secret at the Heart of AI

Article in MIT Technology review explains the need for the explanability of a deep learning system for the decisions it makes. This is important in various critical domains such as healthcare and military. Unless the machine does not explain its

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Python Recipes

Recently started to take Python seriously. I was looking for a recipes section similar to C++ . I found this to be a good resource Hettinger’s recipes on Python  

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These datasets have been curated by Data Scientists for their research and are available for general use. Follow link to retrieve the datasets.!

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TED Talks on Visualization

Here are some TED talks about the field of visualization in general.

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An introduction on the blog

Finally got around to writing my first post on the blog. The last quarter of 2012 was one of the most eventful months of my life. I got a well-paying job, finished my PhD, got married, and moved to a

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